Please check your package in the presence of the courier when picking up the shipment. You should not pick up the container with visible damage (torn parts and crushing). In case of damage, call us by phone or send us an e-mail with your information (name and surname, phone) to the address and describe the mentioned problems. Then, in the shortest possible time, and no later than within eight days from the day of receipt of the written or electronic complaint, we will respond to the consumer’s complaint and inform you about further action. The deadline for resolving a complaint is 15 days from when it is reported.

You can find the official Rulebook on consumer complaints for goods purchased via online stores here:

  • You can download the complaint form here.
  • If the ordered item does not comply with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection, please notify us at
  • In the case of returning the goods to the buyer who previously paid for the goods to the courier, i.e., cash on delivery, the costs of returning the goods are not borne by Diline doo, but the price falls on the buyer.


By confirming the order by clicking on the CONFIRM button, you agree to the terms of the complaint.
In case of objection, complaint, or any objection, always contact the e-mail

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