Based on the introductory provisions of Article 13. and Art. 27. of the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of RS 62.2014) Diline doo its valued consumers who buy goods via the internet site and


  • that through the website and, the sale of goods is carried out as part of the registered activity;
  • that the basic features of the goods can be found on the website;
  • that according to the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of the RS, no. 62/2014), purchases via our sales website are considered distance sales;
  • that the goods sold via the website possess the properties required for the regular use of that type of goods by its purpose as defined in the Declaration;
  • that the conformity of the contract goods is determined EXCLUSIVELY according to the properties and names of the goods as defined in the corresponding Declaration;
  • that the selling price of the goods is indicated with each item;
  • we deliver the purchased goods within five days via the Bek courier service as defined here;
  • that the possibility of purchasing goods at special convenience prices and/or with special sales incentives (promotional sales) is carried out in accordance with the conditions published on the website;
  • that the consumer purchases goods via the website can pay with the displayed payment cards at the time of purchase on the website, as well as by cash on delivery at the time of delivery;
  • that the consumer, by clicking on the CONFIRM taster when creating the purchase order, undertakes the obligation to pay for the ordered goods;
  • that the consumer has the right to exchange the article within 14 days for a different size if he finds that the size is not appropriate and in the manner defined here;
  • that the consumer, upon receiving the goods, establishes that the item wants to be replaced by another thing, which may be larger, smaller, or of the same price category as the one previously ordered, he can return it within 14 days in the manner defined here;
  • that if the consumer does not want to keep the received goods, he has the right to cancel the contract and return the funds in the amount of the paid purchase price for the goods in question within 14 days in the manner defined here;
  • that the consumer has the right to declare a complaint on already used goods ordered through ONLINE stores, in the manner defined for goods purchased through ONLINE stores. You can find the method and procedure for filing a complaint here;
  • you can download the complaint form here;
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